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Inxelo co-organized with T3 Aviation Academy an SMS Training!

SHARJAH, UAE – 16 and 17 March 2023 – Inxelo Technologies co-organized an SMS event together with T3 Aviation Academy in the warm city of Sharjah with an SMS instructor Margriet Bredewold.

During the two-day training, Margriet Bredewold delivered an interesting, interactive and very informative SMS training to the participants at Sharjah Centro hotel in Sharjah. Margriet covered all the main SMS fundamental pillars and other Safety related topics. With her easy-to-understand style, she established quickly the connection with the audience and managed to bring out the best out of each of them. All the participants were contented with the SMS training and we talked to one of the participants from Armenia, Andrey Khachatryan (Cross Technics):

I have had the opportunity of attending a T3 Safety Management System training with some of my colleagues from March 16th to 17th of this year.

I was very excited to attend this training because I felt that it would be a great experience overall and a gateway to attaining a deeper knowledge of aviation safety. As the training progressed, I knew I was correct.

The instructor had a fresh and interesting approach to describing the mentality and implementation of SMS theory in a live working organization, by the use of past experience and real-life examples combined with the guidance and regulations of modern Aviation Safety.

One of the most valuable aspects of the training was the discussions that arose from the theoretical situational exercises. This helped me develop critical thinking and decision-making skills along with a deeper understanding of how components in SMS really work together. Furthermore, the instructor really pushed us to examine the root of many Safety procedures and tools such as Practical Drift, the Swiss Cheese model, the Risk Matrix and Production x Protection Scheme, and many more. While we also discovered how Safety could be interpreted within the Aviation industry and in other societies as well.

Overall, attending this aviation safety training was a great experience for me. It helped me to gain a deeper understanding of aviation safety and made me feel more confident in my ability to handle both emergencies and everyday operations on a more skilled level. I believe that every aviation professional should attend this type of training, as it is essential for ensuring the safety and well-being of everyone involved in the aviation industry.

Inxelo Technologies was a partner in organization with the hosts T3 Aviation Academy in order to promote Aviation Safety in the region and further promote our software solution ICARUS that helps air organizations in managing Safety and Quality.

Margriet Bredewold holding SMS training in Sharjah, UAE 16 – 17 March 2023

SMS discussion during the training

Alla Khachatryan with Margriet Bredewold

Lidia Dolenko with Margriet Bredewold

Andrey Khachatryan (Cross Technics) receiving an SMS certificate

SMS attendees during SMS training in Sharjah, UAE from 16 to 17 March 2023

Visit to T3 Aviation Academy booth at Arab Aviation Summit during the SMS training


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