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ICARUS team checks in with KAI

ASTANA, KAZAKHSTAN – Our team conducted last week a special visit to our estimated customer “Kazakhstan Aviation Industry” (KAI) who have implemented ICARUS software that helps them manage Safety and Quality inside the organization.

As part of our official visit to the Kazakh capital, Astana, our team visited our dear colleagues from Safety and Quality department at KAI which has offices at the international airport Nursultan Nazarbayev in Astana.


“Kazakhstan Aviation Industry” Limited Liability Partnership was founded on July 24, 2012 and today is regarded as one of the most reliable maintenance and repair organization in Republic of Kazakhstan and in the central Asian region.  “Kazakhstan Aviation Industry” main activity is manufacturing, installation, maintenance, repair, overhaul and sale of aviation equipment.

Kazakhstan Aviation Industry

The company is headed by Director Daniyar Amangildin who is making sure that the organization is performing at the highest level. He has a great team of experts in his organization with highly qualified personnel, both from specialists with experience and skills in operating military aircraft, and young engineers and technicians who graduated from specialized Kazakh and foreign educational institutions.
During 2018-2020 for the first time in the Republic of Kazakhstan, the domestic company performed routine maintenance work on the AN-72, Su-25 Su-27 and C-295 aircraft.
In addition, the organization has the goals of entering the civil aviation services market, including export, which will make it possible to claim for the status of a regional multifunctional aviation service center in the future. Recently, the organization also started working with UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) that aligns with the organization’s future vision.


Inxelo Technologies team had an honor last week to pay a visit to KAI offices at the Nursultan Nazarbayev International Airport where Marko Rados met with colleagues from Safety and Quality including Ardak Muratbekov, Aizhan Saduakassova, Aidar Anuarbek, Darkhan Shaidakhov, Moldir Begmanova and Damegul Kuikenova. We have been given a great welcome by our Kazakh colleagues who gave us a tour of their offices and visit to hangars where all the work is happening. KAI’s attention to Safety and Quality has been of great focus in recent years with a clear indication that the company is looking at future as they have invested in software solution to help them manage ever increasing data from Safety and Quality. KAI has implemented ICARUS successfully in its organization and ICARUS is contributing in digitalization of its internal processes and procedures in Safety and Quality. One of the main goals were to enable digital reporting system with subsequent risk assessments and auditing system. Since the beginning of our collaboration, our team wanted to meet our Kazakh colleagues in person and last week proved to be a perfect opportunity to achieve this little goal. From our point of view, KAI team is highly professional and it is a real pleasure for us to work daily with them on the journey to digitalize further its processes in Safety and Quality.

To find out more about KAI you can visit their website:

Moldir using ICARUS for Safety

Kaisar Zeidaliyev, Marko Rados and Ardak Muratbekov



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