Even if officially the Duke’s final flight was on 11th August 1997 from Carlisle to Islay (at the age of 76 years old), it’s not very clear when exactly the Prince gave up his pilot licence: in fact there are several funny episodes and rumors in which it seems that he continued to fly even after some months later.
He speaks about himself and his time above the clouds and says:

I can safely fly with my eyes closed…I feel much safer knowing that there’s fewer planes in the air than there are cars on the road 

Don’t worry people, your Captain Colly has wide open eyes.

Unfairly and through a simplistic vision (please allow me to be a little bit subjective) the Astronaut Buzz Aldrin wrote in his memoirs, Return to Earth in the early 1970s, regarding his meeting with the Royal Family at Buckingham Palace: “Prince Philip was an aviation buff and full of questions”.

Honestly how Buzz might have understood that when the real passion for Aviation exceeds the set of procedures related to it, a man can take off just closing his eyes, as Prince Philip did in his life.