ICARUS Quiz Winter 2020 – Introduction

We are proud to welcome back our Aviation Safety initiative – Aviation SMS-QMS Quiz that is making its second edition after a successful pilot project earlier this year.

During the first COVID-19 lockdown, our team decided to use the opportunity working from home to develop an online tool that will bring entertainment to our colleagues, customers, partners and followers. At the end of April, after a quick and agile development, our team assembled an Aviation Safety Quiz platform with the inaugural quiz in May 2020. The first edition of such online quiz was held in five sessions during May and June and attracted more than 120 participants around the world.

Inspired by such exceptional feedback, our team further improved the Quiz platform to match similar module in our ICARUS software that is available to our customers. Our Quiz story will continue this winter with its 2nd edition coming in 4 days on 30 November at 14:00 UTC!

The “Winter 2020” edition will bring us back to an interesting knowledge quiz and see further ideas by our participants on how to improve Aviation Safety.


We will hold three sessions in “Winter 2020” edition:

  • 1st Quiz ‘Alpha’– 30 November (open for 72 hrs) – Topic: Basic Aviation Safety knowledge
  • 2nd Quiz ‘Bravo’ – 14 December (open for 72 hrs) – Topic: Aviation Compliance
  • 3rd Quiz ‘Charlie’ – 28 December (open for 72 hrs) – Topic: SMS + QMS + surprise questions

Each quiz will consist of 20 question with 1 bonus open question at the end of the quiz. This year’s quiz will be made up of difficulty levels with majority of questions having easy to medium level to encourage our participants, as well as few advanced questions to challenge those with higher knowledge base.

The quizzes are timed and each participant will have 30 minutes to resolve their quiz once they initiate the quiz.


Just like in the summer edition of our quiz, we will bring to you the following feedback:

  • You will receive automatic result after the quiz
  • You will receive full answers details after the quiz session closes
  • Our team will publish here on VOICE a review with the statistical analysis of the quiz
  • Our team will publish the best responses and ideas from our participants in order to share the knowledge


Even though the result is less important as the objective of this initiative is to promote the Aviation Safety knowledge, we will reward those ones who make the biggest effort and show slick knowledge in SMS-QMS.

The rewards will be disclosed later, all we can say it will be technology related!

The first edition winner Angelos Kyriafinis has an honor to defend the title of the best aviation safety expert!


The team behind the quiz is a joint effort of three companies – Inxelo Technologies, Safety Management System S.C.  from Mexico and Icarus Aviation Safety from New Zealand.

Inxelo Technologies developed the platform using its product “ICARUS” that is a safety and quality management system software solution, while expertise came from our partners from Mexico and New Zealand. We would like to use this opportunity to thank them for their efforts and knowledge sharing!

Daniel Bustamante, Ing. Victor Manuel del Castillo and Marko Rados


Looking forward seeing you in the first quiz – Basic Aviation Safety. Please check ICAO Doc 9859 to refresh your knowledge before the quiz!

To access or to register on the quiz platform please click here:


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