Quality Safety

Daily Best Practices to achieve Safety & Quality objectives.

Written by Chiara Collacciani

Gate Monday.

Hey there, it is the Captain Colly who speaks to you, on behalf of the Voice I would like to welcome you on board of this new week! Today we will discover together a new land: after the two previous Gates related to Teamwork & Communication experiences now it’s the time for an analysis within ourselves, through those behaviour that if pursued encourage the achievement of Safety & Quality objectives. Since Ladies & Gentlemen it’s Monday we will fly through a To Do List (no diet to start, I promise!).

No congestion on departure for us but just a series of recommended Daily Best Practices to apply in front of us, in any work context and not only in our beloved aeronautical work:

  • Avoid personal complacency: even if we are a genius let’s forget it. In fact the excessive confidence with which we carry out the activities may be cause of errors, if not properly managed, everything becomes repetitive and in that time we risk to let our guard down. Don’t ever do that, especially with yourself. Try instead to carry out every activity with the same care and almost fear of the first times: besides avoiding mistakes you will notice new details seemingly unexpected;
  • Pursue the formation: never be satisfied with your knowledge and never accept  to perform a task for which you do not feel properly trained. It’s obvious that the classical teaching student-teacher is always the best solution but don’t forget that besides books and a specific teacher every day we can learn something new from our colleagues, receive an urge from them or an opportunity for reflection;
  • Don’t emulate the roadrunner Beep Beep: if you want to feel some adrenaline just watch the Beep Beep episodes on Looney Tunes but in effect nothing more. Always try to keep calm because you will reach your daily goal with all the possible ingredients but certainly not in a hurry. Remember that Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished: rather try to manage the time and to ensure that the clock is an instrument at your service and not the opposite;
  • Be aware: we are one but always inserted in a context bigger than us, so every mistake can be fatal not only for us but also and above all for others. The secret are the three questions: – Did you think? – Did you check? – Did you ask?
  • Respect your body: even if you feel like Superman remember that you are not Superman (your glasses don’t apply!). So, body and mind need rest and a proper detachment from everything, work included. You don’t just choose to sleep, rest, playing sport, eating a healthy diet: you should effectively aspire to maximize the potential of the principal tool through which you work, your body.

It has been a plasure to have you on board on the first day of the week.

Thanks for flying with Colly.


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