Aviation Continuos Improvement: the Teamwork skill.

Written by Chiara Collacciani

Gate Tuesday.

Hey there, better: Ladies and Gentlemen, it is the captain Colly who speaks to you. Thank you for choosing to read my first article on The Voice! Let’s fly together with this new adventure between me and The Voice family. The expected time is more than good, we will fly over the Aviation Quality coasts, we will go up to the hills of the Compliance, and even higher to the Civil Aviation legislation to then fall precipitously (but obviously Safely) off the Aviation daily news, updates and focus. Please stay seated waiting for the Colly article service coming each week: we’re going to build together some habits, starting with the Gate Tuesday & Gate Sunday.

For the first Gate just in front of you a boarding pass to the Aviation Continuous Improvement: the secret for success in each field is the continuous desire to improve the system around us ensuring growth and activities upgrade.

The continuous improvement works as a teamwork of:

  • security
  • customer focus
  • ethical practices
  • human resource development

At the core of such virtuosity there must be an unconditional feeling of confidence in the daily work and people that manage it with us. Continuous Improvement runs through reliability and estimation: the Teamwork tool. The Aviation teamwork is an useful key to guarantee the correct functioning of the operations, otherwise teamwork and communication issues are often root causes events. Make it happen it’s not an easy affair. It depends on the:

  • ways on which we recognize people around us
  • ability to know ourselves and bring forward the effects of our actions on other
  • purpose about not creating conflicts
  • aim of channelling energy towards the objectives

Teamwork can be considered as non-technical skill made of exchanging information, establishing a shared understanding and coordinating a team. Even if teamwork is a tool of the Continuos Improvement, it can’t be left to an independent functioning: it is object of systematic reviews and assessments. The correct training on teamwork can produce an effective teamwork.

Homework before our first landing: do you know me? Each participant of your team game must write on a sheet of paper three things related to the individual, but just two of them can be true. Are you able to identify those correct of your colleague?

Landing authorized.


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