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ICARUS Aviation Safety Quiz final review

Our experiment of creating a specialized aviation safety quiz platform for our followers has been a success with many participants and even more interesting answers, comments and discussion. Our goal of promoting aviation safety with such quiz had been achieved! We bring to you a full review of all five quizzes and also who is the best participant in our 1st series.

Aviation industry has been heavily affected by COVID-19 outbreak throughout the world from March 2020. Most of the population went in to some form of a lockdown, while some are still in it. As a consequence, a lot of our colleagues started working from home. We, at Inxelo Technologies, decided to create a quiz platform in order to entertain our followers during the lockdown and promote aviation safety. The quiz platform was developed as a spin-off to our ICARUS software that helps airlines, airports, MROs to manage their safety. Using it’s Training module, our team assembled ICARUS Quiz on the following website:

Online meetings to discuss details of quizzes with Ing.Victor Manuel del Castillo (lower) and Daniel Bustamante (upper left)

Once the platform had been assembled in late April, our partners “SMS México”  dedicated their time and imagination to build sets of questions for five quizzes in total. With the decision to use 20 questions per quiz, a team of Ing. Victor Manuel del Castillo and Daniel Bustamante, dug deep and designed 100 questions with additional bonus questions. Finally, at the end of exhausting April during COVID-19 lockdown our team achieved to build such project in a very short time and publish it live. We want to use this opportunity and to congratulate to Ing. Victor and Daniel for their diligent work!

“SMS Mexico” is a Mexican company that provides various services in aviation safety such as educations, training and also performing safety audits. Please contact Ing. Victor Manuel del Castillo for further info on:


Together with you, we began our 2-month journey with the first quiz on 3 May 2020 and ended the final quiz on 28 June 2020.

After each quiz, we communicated with our participants the review of each quiz:


With five quizzes completed, during the final quiz some of our participants had the chance to complete the missing quizzes which enriched our final statistics. Here you can see the comparison between each of the quiz with updated statistics after the final round of the quiz.

Final results per quiz

Quiz Average time Average score
Quiz 1 –  3 May 2020 14 min 36 sec 61.6 %
Quiz 2 – 17 May 2020 12 min 27 sec 68.2 %
Quiz 3 – 31 May 2020 13 min 13 sec 66.0 %
Quiz 4 – 14 June 2020 17 min 45 sec 68.6 %
Quiz 5 – 28 June 2020 16 min 58 sec 67.1 %

Interesting facts are increase in average time once we introduced more use-case questions as it was the case in Quiz 4 and Quiz 5. Also, one interesting fact that no participant had 100% in any of the quizzes, as well as nobody had below 30%.

There were 153 quizzes completed by our participants, while additional 28 quizzes were started but never completed as some participants conceded the quiz.

From the geographic point of view, our participants came from all of the world such as USA, Mexico, Bolivia, Russia, Armenia, Lithuania, Spain, Hungary, Germany, UK, India, Algeria, Thailand, Venezuela etc. We are also proud on our colleagues from South America who joined the quiz in larger numbers and performed very well at quizzes.



We have decided to make our top 10 list of participants by number of points (percentages totaled for each quiz). Since there were 5 available quizzes it amounts to maximum of 500 points. Our list of best performing participants is the following:

Position Username Country Quizzes POINTS
1. akyriaf Greece 5/5 430
2. HarisLy Cyprus 5/5 430
3. 9MBAB Bolivia 5/5 410
4. JulioRodas Guatemala 5/5 390
5. gseverich Bolivia 5/5 375
6. Skymaster87 Bolivia 5/5 370
7. jjgalvarroZ8 Bolivia 5/5 360
8. Vincas Lithuania 5/5 360
9. victor_alf Peru 5/5 350
10. Alf Mexico 5/5 345

As stated in the table above, we have basically two winners with the same number of points. Their names are Angelos Kyriafinis and Haris Lysandrides. Angelos works for flyGR8 airline while Haris owns its specialized aviation safety website, Aviation Safety Platform who are also one of our partners for ICARUS software. However, closely looking at the results, the differentiation between the two is that Angelos solved all bonus questions and Haris, as we found out, skipped few bonus questions due to being in a rush!

Anyway, congratulations to both of them and other top 10 participants on a magnificent effort as well as congratulations to all our participants who participated and solved all our quizzes during May and June!

We hope to see you all again soon with the second series of the quiz! Follow us for more information.
Thank you from Inxelo Technologies Team!

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