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ICARUS Quiz – 1. Aviation Safety Quiz review

Almost two weeks ago on Sunday (3 May 2020) we had our inaugural online aviation safety quiz opened to public as part of our aviation safety promotion initiative together with safety experts Ing. Victor Manuel del Castillo and Daniel Bustamante. We bring to you our 1. quiz review.

Our team had worked hard over last few weeks to create a specialized platform for quiz sessions as a spin-off from ICARUS software – safety and quality management system software solution. Using our technology and the platform, we found the inspiration from our e-exams module that ICARUS offers to its customers.

The team behind the questions, Ing. Victor Manuel del Castillo and Daniel Bustamante, are aviation specialists working for Mexican company “Safety Management System México”.

More details about the quiz:

  • 20 questions from ICAO Annex 19 and Doc 9859 SMS document with multiple choices and only one correct answer
  • time limit to 30 minutes
  • 2 bonus questions where participants were able to make their own remarks
  • 24 registered participants from all over the world
  • 54% successfully participated at the quiz

The final result was very interesting with participants from all over the world from Mexico to Kazakhstan. There were 24 registered participants and 13 successfully solved the quiz. We have noticed that the average time to resolve the quiz was much below the 30-minute limit with the average total time being 17 min 57 sec.

From the ones who successfully solved the quiz we bring to you the following statistics:

We can see in the result graph that majority of participants had over 50%. We are very happy that most of the participants solved majority of the questions and that they enjoyed the quiz as the main point was to refresh the knowledge. The best result was by the participant “akyriaf” who managed a score of 95%. Well done to him and to all participants.

An interesting statistic has shown the relation between correct and incorrect answers. We have made a screenshot of the statistics for both parts and have made a highlight of each:

The easiest questions by statistics were:

  • 4. Which phrase best describes the Responsible Executive? (11/13 correct)
  • 16. Should the findings of the audits of the Aeronautical Authorities of each State be considered as “Safety Data? (11/13 correct)
  • 19. How does Doc. 9859 define an interface? (11/13 correct)

Likewise, we have the mirrored statistics for incorrect answers. Even though the exam has been a success with majority of the participants having more than 50% correct, some questions stood out. Of course, there could be other interpretation of the answer, however the questions had been asked in reference to ICAO Doc.9859.

The hardest questions by statistics were:

  • 17. What is the definition of Hazard that most closely adheres to Doc. 9859? (1/13 correct)
  • 7. What is the objective of Doc. 9859? (4/13 correct)
  • 9. Is the term “service provider” the same in Doc. 9859 and in Annex 19? (4/13 correct)

The thorn of the quiz was definitely the question number 17 with only one correct answer out of 13 participants even though one could argue that other answer can be also correct. However, the question was that it adheres to Doc.9859 which has given the definition to hazard as:

*Hazard. A condition or an object with the potential to cause or contribute to an aircraft incident or accident.

Next quiz is this coming Sunday, 17 May, starting from 10:00 UTC.

If you still haven’t, please register on the following link:


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