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ICARUS Quiz – 2. Aviation Safety Quiz review

We continued with our successful quiz trial with a second quiz that was held on 17th May 2020. The reception was very well received and participants this time scored much better overall score in compare to the first quiz.

The first quiz paved a way to continue with our activity of promoting aviation safety. Therefore, our team with Ing. Victor Manuel del Castillo and Daniel Bustamente, both from Mexican company “Safety Management System México” created another set of 20 questions based on ICAO Document 9859 and Annex 19 that describes Safety Management System in aviation.

More details about the second quiz:

  • 20 questions from ICAO Annex 19 and Doc 9859 SMS document with multiple choices and only one correct answer
  • time limit to 30 minutes
  • 2 bonus questions where participants were able to make their own remarks
  • 23 registered participants from all over the world successfully completed the quiz

The final result gave us an insight into the difficulty level of the quiz. This time the quiz gave an average score of 68.2% which is an increase to the first quiz that had 61% average score. Again the participants attended the quiz from all over the world from Mexico to India with some of them coming from UAE. There were 59 registered participants and 23 successfully solved the quiz. We have noticed that the average time to resolve the quiz was much below the 30-minute limit with the average total time being 13 min 32 sec that is also a faster result than the first quiz.

From the ones who successfully solved the quiz we bring to you the following statistics:

We can see in the result graph that majority of participants had more than half of the correct answers. The most users are in the group between 60-70%. We are very happy that most of the participants solved majority of the questions and that they enjoyed the quiz as the main point was to refresh the knowledge. The best result was by the participant “HarisLy” who managed a score of 95%. Congratulations to him and to all participants who solved the quiz.

An interesting statistic has shown the relation between correct and incorrect answers. We have made a screenshot of the statistics for both parts and have made a highlight of each:

The easiest questions by statistics were:

  • 3. Is a Safety Management related to Human Factors? (23/23 correct)
  • 11. Should Safety Management policies be periodically reviewed? (22/23 correct)
  • 13. Is the Safety Management System implementation a fixed system or requires continuous improvement? (21/23 correct)

On the other hand, we have a statistic of incorrect answers. This gives us and our participants better insight which area of their knowledge needs more focus.

The hardest questions by statistics were:

  • 10. Safety risk mitigation strategies fall into three categories according to Doc.9859? (6/23 correct)
  • 20. The two most common categories used by States and service providers to classify their SPIs are? (6/23 correct)
  • 4. If you are the SMS manager in your organization, should you be responsible for the SMS and QMS? That is, both departments at the same time? (10/23 correct)

Two questions shared the most difficult question title and it were questions number 10 and number 20. The answer that was needed was that Safety risk mitigation strategies according to Doc.9859 fall into three categories such as: Avoidance, Reduction and Segregation.

The last question’s answer was lagging and leading!

Next quiz is this coming Sunday, 31 May, starting from 12:00 UTC.

If you still haven’t, please register on the following link:

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