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IOSA Checklists ISM Edition 15 in ICARUS!

IOSA Edition 15 checklists which come effective from September 2022, are already available in ICARUS platform to all our customers!

IOSA Standard Manual (ISM) Edition 15 was published last month (December 2021) with its standards effective from September 2022. All air operators will start using new IOSA checklists in order to take into affect the new upcoming changes.

IOSA is working hard in improving and maintaining the safety standards across the globe whilst providing the air operators a unique set of standards to achieve the satisfactory safety standards recognized worldwide. ISM is published in order to provide the IOSA standards, recommended practices (ISARPs), associated guidance material and other supporting information necessary for an operator to successfully prepare for an audit. Therefore, we are welcoming new IOSA checklists that will help aviation community to further enhance its processes and procedures in challenging times due to COVID-19 pandemic.

Our team have prepared the checklists to be visible in ICARUS software that helps air operators in managing Safety and Compliance.

The checklists consists of eight (8) recognized sections:

  • Section 1 → Organization and Management System (ORG);
  • Section 2 → Flight Operations (FLT);
  • Section 3 → Operational Control and Flight Dispatch (DSP);
  • Section 4 → Aircraft Engineering and Maintenance (MNT);
  • Section 5 → Cabin Operations (CAB);
  • Section 6 → Ground Handling Operations (GRH);
  • Section 7 → Cargo Operations (CGO);
  • Section 8 → Security Management (SEC)

Each section in ISM is assigned an associated 3-letter identifier (in parentheses such as ORG, FLT, etc.). The reference number for every standard or recommended practice within a section includes the specific 3-letter identifier for that section (for example ORG 1.1.0, FLT 2.1.2 etc.).

One of the major changes are focused on ORG section where IATA has made a restructuring for most ORG provisions.


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