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Climate change making flying more expensive

CEO of Delta Airlines, second biggest airline in the world, Ed Bastian said that considering climate change: “Over time, it’s going to cost us all more, but it’s the right approach that we must take,” Delta Air Lines chief executive Ed Bastian was quoted to media outlet BBC.

Aviation counts for about 2.5% of the carbon emissions according to the International Energy Agency. that are warming up our planet.

Many people voicing that the solution is to reduce flying. Aviation is facing another challenge after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Delta says that after spending $30m a year on carbon-offsetting it has been carbon neutral since March 2020. Also Delta has also pledged to spend $1bn over the next decade to cancel out all the emissions it creates.

More fuel-efficient planes, sustainable aviation fuels and removing carbon from the atmosphere are some of the ways it hopes to achieve this.

Ed Bastian continues:”It’s the biggest long-term challenge this industry faces,” he said. “We’re in an industry that’s classified as hard to decarbonise because we don’t have the bio-fuels or the sustainable aviation fuels (SAFs) en masse yet that we’re going to need.”

At the UN climate change summit in Glasgow, 23 countries have pledged to work together to get the aviation industry to net zero carbon emissions by 2050. More efficient energy use, sustainable aviation fuels and electric aeroplanes are all part of their ambitions.

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