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EASA releases first usable guidance for Level 1 machine learning applications

EASA released its guidance for the Level 1 (‘assistance to human’) applications that will greatly help our ICARUS team that is focused on new innovations and new technologies in the domain of Aviation Safety. We bring to you full EASA statement in regards to its first major milestone in AI Roadmap 1.0.

In line with the first major milestone of the EASA Artificial Intelligence (AI) Roadmap 1.0, this concept paper presents a first set of objectives for Level 1 Artificial Intelligence (‘assistance to human’), in order to anticipate future EASA guidance and requirements for safety-related machine learning (ML) applications. It covers only an initial set of AI/ML techniques and will be enriched with other advanced techniques, as the EASA AI Roadmap is implemented.

The goal of this document is twofold:

  • to allow applicants to have an early visibility on the possible expectations of EASA with respect to the implementation of AI/ML solutions.
  • to establish a baseline for Level 1 AI applications that will be further refined for Level 2 and Level 3 AI applications.

It is now open for a 10 week consultation period.


  • EASA Concept Paper: First usable guidance for Level 1 machine learning applications PDF
  • EASA AI Roadmap PDF
  • Concepts of Design Assurance for Neural Networks (CoDANN) PDF

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