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Annual Safety Review recommendations – 2019

The Annual Safety Recommendations Review provides information on the activity carried out by the Agency in the field of accident and incident investigation and follow-up in 2019. In addition, the review highlights a range of safety issues and Agency safety improvement actions that will be of interest to the European aviation community and the wider public.

This 13th edition reviews the activity performed in 2019 and presents:
ƒ General statistical data on the safety recommendations addressed by safety investigation authorities
to EASA in 2019;
ƒ Information on the replies that EASA has given to past safety recommendations in 2019;
ƒ Main safety issues that have been addressed through the actions taken.

The Agency has developed a key role in safety investigation follow-up within Europe. This has been reflected in the establishment of a rigorous process for managing the safety recommendations received. Thanks to its central position in the aviation safety system, the Agency is able to take action with respect to systemic problems and risk management.

The implementation of safety recommendations provides tangible improvements in safety as a result of the information that has been obtained during safety investigations. This methodical approach to investigatory work and the implementation of recommendations serves to ensure lessons are learned and help prevent future occurrences.

During 2019, Safety Investigation Authorities from 20 different States addressed 54 safety recommendations to EASA in the context of the Agency’s remit, 38 originating from EASA Member States and 16 from non-EASA Member States. This volume is in line with the number of safety recommendations received in 2017 and 2018.

The majority of these safety recommendations were related to procedures or regulations. The second most frequent category were related to aircraft or aviation-related equipment/facilities. 23 of the safety recommendations received from EASA Member States (MS) were classified as being Safety Recommendations of Union-wide Relevance (SRUR) and 20 were classified as being Safety Recommendations of
Global Concern (SRGC), i.e. of international interest.

The handling of safety recommendations in both a swift and responsible manner constitutes one of EASA’s key responsibilities. In 2019, the Agency produced 101 replies to 98 safety recommendations:
ƒ 62 of these were final replies (closing safety recommendations) with 39 percent of these replies assessed as agreed by EASA, and 42 percent assessed as partially agreed;
ƒ The remaining 39 replies were updates providing information on the progress of the actions decided
upon by the Agency and for which the relevant activities were not yet completed;
ƒ 85 percent of the final responses provided by EASA and assessed by the originator of the recommendation were reported as “adequate” or “partially adequate”.

To read full safety review recommendation for 2019 check EASA’s link:

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