IATA published guidance document on aircraft cabin operations

IATA (International Air Transport Association) just published a guidance document on aircraft cabin operations that is applicable immediately during the current period of the #COVID19 pandemic and until further notice. It covers cabin crew procedures, cabin equipment, cleaning and disinfection.

As airlines resume passenger services during the ongoing Covid-19Crisis, there are likely to be multiple public health, regulatory, training, operational and crew and consumer confidence challenges. This document is aimed at helping airlines consider the impact of these on their proposed operations and to help formulate alternative procedures until all restrictions are lifted.

The situation changes frequently,and regulations varyaccording to the routes being operated and the prevalence of the outbreak in each country. Airlines should consider the following when preparing for cabin operations during and post pandemic, in order
to determine effective risk mitigations which support their workforce and passenger confidence:

  1. The route/s to be operated, local infection rates and whether they are considered high, medium or low
  2. Any Health Authorityrestrictions at point of departure and origin;
  3. Cabin crew health/quarantine restrictions at point of arrival, including any restrictions imposed on those who have recovered from infection;
  4. Hotel availability, meals and crew transport arrangements;
  5. Inflight Services products which can be delivered safely, appropriate to the level of risk;
  6. Health Authority requirements for Personal Protective Equipment for cabin crew, its availability and the associated procedures for its use and disposal.

As time progresses, Health Authorities and regulatorswill determinewhich measures can be alleviated. Airlines should be prepared to review their cabin operations regularly to ensure compliance with regulations and facilitate a gradual returnto more normal operations.

You can download the guidance HERE.

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