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VMDC: Learn aviation safety at home!

Much has been written and spoken about the COVID-19 pandemic, its consequences, threats and potential repercussions, but I have read little of the great areas of opportunity that we can immediately take advantage of.

One of those opportunities is the available time that those of us who work particularly in aviation (24/7) complain about not spending time with family and at home, but that’s the way of human factors, when we don’t have time we complain and when we do we do not know how to take advantage of it or worse still we do not identify it; this is a Human Factor issue.

Well, now that we have enough time and availability, why don’t we take advantage of it to invest in us? Knowledge no one takes it away from us.

Human creativity has been expressed in social networks in many ways, some sharing good ideas, others offering help, many scandalizing and others outright making a fool of themselves with what they share (fortunately the least), what would we have done a few decades ago without Internet? Well, let’s take advantage of it now.

There is a wide range of courses that we can take including courses and diplomas related to air operations, investigation of air accidents, security, human factors, SMS, among others that it is time to use them, additionally there are offers that in normal time, do not are offered.

The world of air transport is being affected by the global pandemic and airlines and aeronautical workshops are reducing their operations and consequently the number of employees; when the crisis passes they will expand their collaborators plant again, the question is: who will they hire again? surely the most updated and prepared to meet the challenge and productivity that will be demanded with more demand.

Time is the only asset that does not return.

This is the moment! Are you going to waste it?

About the author

Victor Manuel Del Castillo

Veterano en Seguridad Operacional, utilizando mi experiencia para guiar a otros hacia una aviación más segura.
Escrito por Safety Management System, S. C.: Es nuestro especialista en implementar el Sistema de Gestión de Seguridad Operacional (SMS) en América Latina. Instructor de Factores Humanos y SMS con más presencia en la Región. Más de 20,000 profesionales de aviación han asistido a sus cursos, seminarios, conferencias y diagnósticos de seguridad. Más de cuarenta y ocho años de experiencia en aviación internacional tanto civil como militar.

Representante activo de la Federal Aviation Administration a través de FAASTeam (USA), promoviendo: Factores Humanos+SMS: La Fórmula Perfecta Para la Seguridad Operacional. La FAA lo galardonó como: "The FAASTeam Representative Of The year 2013".

Atentamente, Safety Management System, S. C. MÉXICO.