Boeing temporary halting production of B737 Max

The aircraft manufacturer Boeing will halt production of Boeing 737 Max while waiting for the troubled aircraft to be recertified.

In the long saga of Boeing 737 Max that Boeing has announced that it will halt the production of it’s scruntinized aircraft beginning of next month, January 2020.

The 737 Max was grounded worldwide in March after two fatal disasters — a Lion Air jet into the Java Sea in October 2018 and an Ethiopian Airlines aircraft near Addis Ababa in March — killed 346 people. Boeing believes a software fix can make the plane safer to fly.

That delay became apparent after a meeting last week between the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and Boeing, in which Boeing came away with an understanding that the 737 Max jet would not be cleared to fly this year.

Safely returning the 737 Max to service is our top priority,” the aircraft manufacturer said. “We know that the process of approving the 737 Max’s return to service, and of determining appropriate training requirements, must be extraordinarily thorough and robust, to ensure that our regulators, customers, and the flying public have confidence in the 737 Max updates.

Full statement can be found here:

This move by Boeing could have major impact on the company Boeing, its suppliers and the airlines who own Boeing 737 Max aircraft.

The company’s stock price closed down more than 4% Monday after early reports that Boeing might halt the plane’s production began to circulate, and then fell another 0.67% after hours following Boeing’s official announcement.

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