ICARUS welcomes Aerro Direkt!

Our team welcomes a new member to growing ICARUS family, a startup airline coming from Romania under the name “Aerro Direkt”.

Inxelo Technologies is proud to have a new member using software ICARUS that will help the Romanian airline in managing Safety and Compliance inside the company. Aerro Direkt is a brand new airline in European skies with its one Airbus 321 aircraft. The company expects to grow further as the conditions in the European market show the signs of the recovery after the turbulent pandemic period.

Aerro Direkt is based at Otopeni airport near Bucharest and its main business segment is ACMI operations. Together with our team at Inxelo Technologies, Aerro Direkt aims to setup the foundation for successful Safety and Compliance Management System.

We are looking forward to our long-term collaboration with our colleagues from Romania!

As the company is still setting up its website and other social media accounts, we are sharing with you their Instagram profile:

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