IOSA Checklists ISM Edition 14 in ICARUS!

Our team have integrated IOSA checklists Edition 14 in ICARUS software and are ready to be deployed to all our customers!

New IOSA checklists edition 14 (ISM Ed 14) will be effective from 1st September 2021 and we are glad to announce that we have prepared the checklists for our customers in ICARUS!

New, IOSA checklists edition 14 bring some changes in comparison to the previous edition and you can read about those changes and check the manual on our previous article here.

As part of our services, we thrive to assist our customers with their IOSA audits and assessments that can bring a lot of stress and long-working hours. Therefore, one of the accommodating assists we provide is to automatically import new checklists and also, in case of an IOSA, to prepare Conformance Report (CR) automatically inside ICARUS software in case the auditors require the CR. This way our customers can export CR at any moment and as many times they require.

We are happy to announce that new checklists IOSA – ISM Edition 14 are made available to all our customers!

More about the ICARUS software here:

You can download full IOSA checklists edition 14 in Word documents: HERE

Or you can download each checklist here:

  • Section 1 – Organization and Management System (ORG) – DOWNLOAD
  • Section 2 – Flight Operations (FLT) – DOWNLOAD
  • Section 3 – Operational Control and Flight Dispatch (DSP) – DOWNLOAD
  • Section 4 – Aircraft Engineering and Maintenance (MNT) – DOWNLOAD
  • Section 5 – Cabin Operations (CAB) – DOWNLOAD
  • Section 6 – Ground Handling Operations (GRH) – DOWNLOAD
  • Section 7 – Cargo Operations (CGO) – DOWNLOAD
  • Section 8 – Security Management (SEC) – DOWNLOAD

ICARUS screenshot of IOSA checklist Edition 14

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