Quiz Winter 2020 Final review and winners

After 35-day journey that started on 30 November 2020 and finished in the first days of 2021, we have completed three exciting Aviation SMS-QMS Quizzes with an increase of participants and one of the tightest battle for the best performer.

In summer 2020, we initiated our activity of playing an open public Aviation SMS QMS Quizzes in order to promote aviation safety awareness and share the knowledge. It was a huge hit with over 100 participants that registered in the first session. However, this winter 2020 we decided to step up a little bit on that initiative and managed to attract 200 participants from all over the world in our three quizzes over November-December 2020. Our Quiz platform is based on our ICARUS software which is a software that helps air operators managing their safety and quality.

Using ICARUS software’s Training module, our team assembled ICARUS Quiz on the following website:

Aviation SMS-QMS Quiz creators


The Team behind the second session was the same as for the first session back in summer 2020. Together with Mexican company, Saftety Management System S.A., our team at Inxelo Technologies prepared all the questions and platform to provide this entertaining activity to our followers, clients, partners and any aviation professional that wants to check their knowledge in Aviation Safety and Quality. We want to use this opportunity and to congratulate once again to Ing. Victor Manuel del Castillo and Daniel Bustamante for their diligent work!


Together with you, we began our 35-day journey with the first quiz on 30 November 2020 and ended the final quiz on 3 January 2021.

After each quiz, we communicated with our participants the review of each quiz:


We bring to you some overall final statistics. We have also updated Quizzes 1 and 2 with new statistics as they were additionally opened during the last week as an opportunity to those who missed them beforehand. Therefore, our final statistics are updated with new data:

Score distribution by quizzes


Quiz Average time Average score
Quiz 1 –  30 November 2020 17 min 31 sec 71.3 %
Quiz 2 – 13 December 2020 18 min 54 sec 76.4 %
Quiz 3 – 27 December 2020 20 min 29 sec 76.6 %

Interesting facts are increase in average time once after each quiz as the difficulty level increased. Surprisingly, the difficulty level didn’t match the anticipated scores as the lowest score was with the easiest quiz, while the best score is on the 3rd Quiz that was the most difficult of the three quizzes in our opinion. The reason could lie in the fact that our participants started understanding the type of questions and learning from previous quizzes.

There were 146 quizzes completed by our participants, while additional 20 quizzes were started but never completed as some participants conceded the quiz with over 75 participants who played at least one quiz.

From the geographic point of view, our participants came from all of the world such as USA, Mexico, Bolivia, Albania, Armenia, Colombia, Ecuador, France, Hungary, Italy, Croatia, Lithuania, Spain, Kazakhstan, Germany, UK, New Zealand, Peru, Tajikistan, Syria, Nigeria, Thailand, Venezuela etc. We are also proud on our colleagues from South America who joined the quiz in larger numbers.



We have decided to make our top 10 list of participants by number of points (percentages totaled for each quiz). Since there were 3 available quizzes it amounts to maximum of 300 points. Our list of best performing participants is the following:

Position Username Country Quizzes POINTS
1. GheorgheOprea Romania 3/3 265
2. HarisLy Cyprus 3/3 265
3. aykriaf Greece 3/3 265
4. ksmith Germany 3/3 260
5. willie Kazakhstan 3/3 260
6. femmy76 Tajikistan 3/3 255
7. vincas Lithuania 3/3 255
8. jmilosevic Syria 3/3 245
9. jjgalvarro Bolivia 3/3 245
10. rotimi Nigeria 3/3 240

As stated in the table above, it was quite tight battle for the best performer. However, there were 3 users with the best scores. Their names are Gheorghe Oprea, Angelos Kyriafinis and Haris Lysandrides. All three participants are the final winners. How tight the winner score is shows that two more participants, kmisth and willie, ended up just 1 correct question away from the leading three!

Anyway, congratulations to all three of them and other top 10 participants on a magnificent effort as well as congratulations to all our participants who participated and solved all our quizzes during November and December!

Next week we will be issuing certificates to all participants who solved all three quizzes. Follow us for more information.
Thank you from Inxelo Technologies Team!

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