Quiz Winter 2020: Review of Quiz 3

The final Quiz in the Winter session combined the knowledge of Aviation Safety and Compliance with interesting results again.

In the final, third Quiz, we decided to mix Aviation SMS and QMS questions while maintaining use-cases type of questions to make it challenging for our participants. Also, we decided to open all three Quiz simultaneously for those who didn’t have time to do it earlier.


The structure of the Quiz stayed the same, however we increased the time limit to 60 minutes as people can access all Quizzes and to ease the time burden.

  • 20 questions from our SMS and QMS database
  • time limit to 60 minutes
  • 1 bonus question where participants were able to write their own answer
  • 39 registered participants worldwide played the Quiz, while 37 have successfully completed it


The result was tad lower than the previous Quiz. The average score of 3rd Quiz stood at 76.62%. Like all three quizzes so far, most of the participants have results in the 80-90% with a big difference in compare to the other categories. The average duration of the Quiz was higher than the previous quizzes with an average time of 20min 29sec. This time only 1% of participants got timed out.

Distribution result graph – Quiz 2

In the distribution graph above, we can see that the group with the most participants is the one between 80-90% that improved overall average score (14 participants). Fascinating information is that nobody managed to score 100% and nobody had lower than 30%. However we had incredibly, seven outstanding performers with 90% (Participants: inkova, akyriaf, smith, vincas, willie, kbachir and eyavuz). Congratulations to all of them and to everyone who participated this time round.


An interesting statistic has shown the relation between correct and incorrect answers. We have made a screenshot of the statistics for both parts and have made a highlight of each.

The easiest questions by statistics were:

  • 1. Should Safety Management policies be periodically reviewed? (everyone answered correctly)
  • 8. What immediate consequences would there be as a result of this event in the picture? (The picture of pipe damaging the aircraft on a ramp) (36/37 correct)
  • 15. Safety Performance Indicators are used to monitor and assess safety performance. True or false? (36/37 correct)

Quiz Winter 2020 – ‘Charlie’ correct answers by sequence of questions


The top 3 hardest question in this round were:

  • 9. You received an Air Safety Report. It says: “”Flaps failed to retract after landing in moderate rain. ´FCTL flaps locked´ message.”” What is the risk level color in the assessment according to the mini matrix on the picture? (only 9/37 correct)
  • 11. Help a safety manager to do the analysis of his recent unstable approach event. The safety manager wants to calculate the frequency of such event happening in his company. His database says he had in the last year 10.000 flights and the event occurred 27 times. What is the frequency of this event? (only 14/37correct)
  • 14. If you are the SMS manager in your organization, should you be responsible for the SMS and QMS? That is, both departments at the same time? (only 17/37 correct)

Quiz Winter 2020 – ‘Charlie’ incorrect answers by sequence of questions

In this Quiz, we anticipated that the question number 9 would be the hardest question as that question proved to be the hardest in summer edition of the Quiz. The correct asnwer was green color or “None” due to flaps failing to retract after the landing and therefore not posing any safety risk on the flight itself.

What surprised us was the question 11 about the frequency of occurring event. The idea was to use simple math 10.000 / 27 = 370, meaning that event of unstable approach on safety manager’s database occurs on every 370 flights which would place the calculation under “Between 100 to 1000 operations – FREQUENT” category.

Question 14 about SMS and QMS responsibilities was an interesting one. Even though small companies can have one person for SMS and QMS, it should be different persons due to different responsibilities as it shows that for one person it can be too much work to do efficiently safety and quality manager job positions. Therefore, the answer is “No” and what we found out was that some of the participants who answered wrong did so taking their own experience from a smaller company that have one person for both departments.


The bonus question for the third quiz in Winter 2020 edition was: “What would you like to see in future Quizzes?

Some of the most interesting answers:

“i would like a more high level questions.” (javierlist)

“The Questions creation is good but we could add more from SMS/QSM practical experiences ” (femmy76)

“Quizzes on case studies/investigations of aviation accidents and serious incidents” (akyriaf)

“Increased number of basic definition questions” (jjgalvarro)

“More questions regarding ground operations” (JorgePerea)

“It will be more interesting if you can go deeper into Safety Performance Indicators and their associated precursors mode of establishment and monitoring.” (GheorgheOprea)

“I’d like to see in future analysis of accidents and incidents cases” (juan1987)

“I would like to see an assessment that contains a series of chronological questions that lead the participant to develop the safety risk management process.” (LuisDiaz)

Thank you for reading the review of the third Quiz in this edition.

We will be bringing to you next week overall full statistics of all three Quizzes and announce the winners!

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