Quiz Winter 2020: Review of Quiz 2

Second quiz in this Winter session brought the topic of Aviation Compliance. How our participants fared this time, read in the review below.

After first quite successful quiz, in our opinion, in terms of results, the second Quiz brought a different challenge – the topic was Aviation Compliance that touches the famously called QMS or Quality Management System.


The structure of the Quiz stayed the same, however we increased the time limit to 45 minutes as in first Quiz edition we had around 20% users who haven’t completed on time their Quiz.

  • 20 questions from our SMS database
  • time limit to 30 minutes
  • 1 bonus question where participants were able to write their own answer
  • 50 registered participants worldwide played the Quiz, while 45 have successfully completed it


The result was surprisingly higher than expected with an average score of 78.55%. Again most of the participants have results in the 80-90% with a big difference in compare to the other categories. The average duration of the Quiz was practically the same as the first one, albeit faster two seconds with an average time of 16min 54sec. This time only 4% of participants got timed out.

Distribution result graph – Quiz 2

In the distribution graph above, we can see that the group with most participants is the one between 80-90% that improved overall average score. Interestingly, nobody managed to score 100% and nobody had lower than 50%. However we had few outstanding performers with 95% (Participants: GheorgheOprea, ASIASI and Prieto). Congratulations to everyone who participated this time round.


An interesting statistic has shown the relation between correct and incorrect answers. We have made a screenshot of the statistics for both parts and have made a highlight of each.

The easiest questions by statistics were:

  • 5. Once the finding has been identified, what the Quality Manager needs to do to close the finding? (everyone answered correctly)
  • 6. An authentic Quality Management System requires all processes to be determined throughout the organization. (everyone answered correctly)
  • 11. What is ISAGO? (44/45 correct)

Quiz Winter 2020 – ‘Bravo’ correct answers by sequence of questions


The top 3 hardest question in this round were:

  • 10. The IOSA standards are based on total of eight areas that contribute to airline operational safety. Select the ones in this list that are included in IOSA areas. There are four correct. (only 15/45 correct)
  • 1. It is a road-map for performing an audit where it defines the type of audit, objectives, scope, criteria, which department is included in the audit, which part of aviation SMS is being audited, who will be auditor/auditee etc. (only 17/45 correct)
  • 13. During an inspection, the inspectors found that the aircraft had just above minimum fuel required. What should be a response of an inspector? (only 23/45 correct)

Quiz Winter 2020 – ‘Bravo’ incorrect answers by sequence of questions

Very surprising was to find out that IOSA question on number 10 was the hardest question. It was necessary to select four IOSA areas from the available answers, however most of the participants selected wrong answers and even though our team initially imagined this question as an easy difficulty level, it proved otherwise. The reason lies only in the fact that not everyone is familiar with airline operations and therefore doesn’t know about IOSA standard nor its areas. However, all those participants had a possibility to look up on search engines and therefore it still surprised us to see such high incorrect answers.

The other interesting question was number 1 that caused a lot of confusion between the answers “Internal Audit Plan” and “Internal Audit Program”.  Both are understandably similar and was the tricky questions to start. However, the logic in this Quiz was taken from the definition that audit plan is a structural plan or a road-map where it is defined basic information of an audit (objectives, scope, criteria, scheduled and finished date, department, company etc.) while audit programme is a guideline how the audit will be performed and how the evidences will be collected inside an audit.

Question 13 also caused a lot of confusion. The correct answer is “no finding” as above minimum fuel level was critical information in such inspection. However, almost half of the participants answered correctly.


The bonus question for the second quiz in Winter 2020 edition was: “Define the challenges of Quality Management System?

Some of the best answers:

“The most difficult thing about QMS is that all the employees of the organization manage to work under the same organizational culture, safe and looking for quality. ” (pilotfalvarez)

“Be independent and not involved in actual organization’s processes. ” (Vincas)

“It is hard to define for me since I am not very much involved in auditing but I could assume it might be:
1. Lack of internal auditors and
2. Moratorium to use outsourced auditors” (willie)

“- to achieve full support from Accountable Manager
– to execute the Audit program in due time
– to have enough resources to perform all tasks in QMS
– to maintain competency” (milosevic)

“Convincing some managers to follow the procedures
Implementing and Documenting are two things that must be done in all cases, one of the 2 is not enough” (HarisLy)

“Educate eployees about Quality and about the procedures!” (sasho)


Thank you for reading the review of the second Quiz in this edition.

The final, third, session is scheduled to start on 28 December at 14:00 UTC and will be open whole week until New Year 2nd January to accommodate holidays for our participants.

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